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El Bus TV

Mission: Serve as an alternative communication means for people in Venezuela who do not have access to Internet or mobile technology (more than 60% of the population). El Bus TV reports independent news on bus rides, behind a makeshift card board TV frame, informing passengers who are typically low-income, and do not have access to formal communication channels.

Donated funds will be used to get social activists from popular communities to adopt the El Bus TV strategy in their local communities.

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 Mission: Promote dialogue among Venezuelans regarding national issues and possible solutions , as well as incentivizing and mobilizing citizen participation in politics.  The organization is fundamentally educational in nature. Liderazgo y Visión is a an interface between the world of academia and citizenry, reducing information asymmetry and educating the public on alternative political viewpoints based on liberty.

Donated funds will be used to launch a new and updated edition of Un Sueño para Venezuela  (A Dream for Venezuela, a classic Venezuelan book) and to endorse a campaign for a public dialogue on how to reconstruct Venezuela. 

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Liderazgo y VIsión

Ciudadanía Activa

Mission: Promote and defend civil rights for all Venezuelans through videos, social media content, and political analysis. The organization participates in non-violent activities to campaign for the right to vote. 

Donated funds will be used for a campaign that promotes free, transparent elections for Venezuela.

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Juventúd Debate

Mission: Generate civil organization to resuscitate democracy to Venezuela. The organization  works to strengthen the Venezuelan student movement, reaching out to communities to recruit future activists and leaders who are intent on changing the political and social scene in Venezuela for the better. 

Donations will be used to cover logistic and operational costs for student leaders and to provide social assistance to the communities involved. 

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In AirTM, we believe we can make a difference in people's lives. This is why we launched the AirFoundation. Through the AirFoundation,  we will raising donations for NGO's who are aligned with our mission of improving the lives of developing world citizens struggling from rigid economic and political regimes. You can find out more about each partner NGO below, along with instructions on how to donate to a cause. If you, or anyone you know, is involved with an organization that shares the same values as AirTM we would love to get in touch at